Bass Guitar Lessons

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The bass is definitely one place in the world where being at the bottom is cool. Pitched one octave lower than the lowest four strings of a guitar, the bass can can walk the beat and fill in the lows of the harmonies that support every other melodic instrument in a song. While seemingly simplified for it's role, the bass is surely as important as any other instrument. And to do the bass thing right, taking bass guitar lessons is sure to give you a big advantage.

Most people think of the electric bass when you mention "the bass" or a bass player in a band. While this is mostly true in rock, metal or pop forms of music, you'll find the original bass, the double-bass as it's called, prominent in jazz and swing music. Both the electric and acoustic bass are found in country, folk and blues too. In classical music the double-bass, or bass violin, is used and is bowed like big violin.

Depending on the type of music you want to play, which bass you want to learn will be determined by the style in most cases. A rock player may not want double bass lessons, while someone who wants to play bass in a symphony or orchestra probably won't study the electric bass. A student of jazz, will probably take bass guitar lessons that teach both electric and upright basses. A good, well-rounded bass guitar teacher can help you learn the basics of both, while applying technique and music fundamentals to the two types.

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