Electric Guitar Lessons

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There's no doubt that the electric guitar is one of the most popular instruments to play. It's versatility among numerous styles of music is nearly immeasurable, and with the right guitar, effects, and amplifier practically anyone can sound like a pro immediately it seems.

But just how hard is it to learn your favorite song or riff on an electric guitar? Do you really need to know notes and how to read chord symbols, or is reading tablature or using a trick like the C-A-G-E method good enough? What kind of gear do you need to get started?

The questions above are just some of the basic ones a student might ask when first starting electric guitar lessons. And the answers all have to do with what your goals and intentions are with picking up this powerful instrument. If you just want to play along with the radio or your iPod and maybe jam with your buddies who play bass and drums, then you can probably get there pretty quickly even with limited know-how and guidance.

However, if you aspire to much more such as writing your own music, putting together a band or joining one that performs and records, then you would most certainly benefit from structured electric guitar lessons with an experienced teacher. In general you're probably going to learn in one 45- or 60-minute electric guitar lesson with a seasoned instructor what you'll attempt to learn on your own in days or even weeks.

The best part is that just because you enroll in electric guitar lessons (where you may need to practice a fundamental or two), is that you can also learn to jam to your favorite tunes at the same time. The difference is, with lessons, you'll be arming yourself with valuable knowledge both musically and technically, which in the long run will be much more fulfilling and fun. Keep in mind that all music, whether rock, metal or pop, may seem easy enough to play at first, but you can bet that the musicians behind that music have years of dedication and hard work on their instruments (a little talent helps too!).