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Free Guitar Lessons

So, you're searching for a free guitar other words, a way to learn guitar without incurring any financial cost. You have a guitar, maybe know some chords to a few tunes and you're ready to go further. Well sort of...maybe you're not ready to make a financial investment (or maybe you simply can't afford to!), or perhaps you're just not that serious at this point in your musical endeavors.

Whatever the case is, you scour the Internet for free online guitar lessons and YouTube for free guitar video lessons, maybe go to the library or a bookstore cafe, or ask a friend who's been playing guitar a while. Essentially, if you're resourceful enough, you'll find plenty of ways to pick up some tips on how to play guitar for nothing. However, unless you truly are just "messing around", the good news ends there. As with most things, free (or cheap / inexpensive) approaches aren't always the best in the long run. What's that saying about getting what you pay for? It definitely applies to learning a musical instrument.

Oftentimes, free guitar lessons means learning on your own. Maybe you're following a guide online or have borrowed a book for beginners. While you may be able to teach yourself how to type on your own, learning guitar technique and musicality can only go so far when you're solo. Sure, the free stuff can introduce you to some concepts, the names of the instrument parts or how to tune a guitar, along with a few tricks (shortcuts), but a professional instructor is truly there to help you discover the best ways for you to learn the instrument. They see and hear things you can't to help you break through obstacles and grow. Throw in the fact that they know about the best books, routines, exercises, etc. as they relate specifically to you, and you can start to measure their worth on that alone. Playing the guitar is a complex activity, involving your brain and the coordination among your eyes, ears and hands. Do you really want to trust developing all this to a book, online articles or guitar video lessons you study all on your own? Probably not if you're really ready to learn how to play guitar.

What you might get from this short article is that you really should find a teacher if you want to take learning the guitar seriously. And while lessons DO cost money (after all, good teachers have spent countless hours studying music and usually thousands of dollars in formal music education), the good news is that many private instructors actually offer a free lesson upfront before you have to commit to enrolling with them. The complimentary first lesson is offered to help you get started and get a feel for private lessons without having to dig into your pocket book right away. At the least, it's well worth your time to make an appointment with an instructor who offers a free first lesson.